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Air Stream Train Specifications


 "Inside your Heart there is a Place of stillness,
of silence of compassion.
This Place is the Door to consciousness, it is silent and peaceful.
Through this place one finds one's true and inner self.
Through this Place we all connect, for we are one."


Length: 70m
Width: 4m
Height: 5m
Weight: n/a
Max Speed: Mach 10
Engines: One secondary Turbine Engine, One primary Linear Scramjet engine

Passenger capability depending on configuration:
128 – 256 Passengers.

The Air Stream Train is using a cushion of Air just like a Hovercraft that is created by the secondary Turbine engine.
When the build up of air pressure in the collection chamber is greater than the one in the pressure chamber the Air Cushion changes into an Air Stream by opening the pressure flaps.
When the speed reaches mach 1.5 the primary Scram-jet engine begins to operate.


No Weight Restrictions

The AST has no limitations on weight.
A simple calculation.
The heaviest Hovercraft was 112t.
With 256 passengers and an allowance of 200kg per person we reach 51 200 kg.
This is well below the capabilities of this Technology.
And it is easy to configure the AST as a Logistic Transportation to carry goods.


1.) The AST can not derail since she is holding herself around the Track.

2.) All passengers are seated in Sport/Racing seats
and stripped into 6 point safety belts.

3.) The design of the track dictates the speed and smoothness of the journey.

4.) The Passenger Cell is detachable from the Sledge.
That means that all Passengers survive even a head on collision at Mach 10.
The Cell detaches slides into the Air and lands safely on Parachutes.

5.) The Track is so designed that nobody can get onto it above Tree level.

6.) The AST rides on a 8cm -16cm cushion/stream of compressed Air.
A cushion/stream of 8 cm around the Track gives us the flexibility we need to avoid birds and to go around corners.

7.) Using Hydrogen as Fuel this is the only 0 Emission Transportation System.

8.) Self Levitation
The AST uses forward motion only so that the air is pushed under the passenger cell to create lift.
The same principle as for the Airplane applies at that point, i.e. lift off.
The Air is then compressed and pushed through a system of channels into the space between Track and Train at high pressure.
The faster the Train goes the higher the pressure we create.
The air is pushed around the Track out so that we create a stream of high pressured Air that ensures the stability of the AST.
By comparing that to the Maglev Track which has to be permanently electrified to create it’s magnetic field,
it is cheaper to maintain and safer.


Silence of Sound

The AST is a silent Transportation System that allows 24h usage
even in populated Area’s.
It achieves this through the Integration and shielding of its engines.
Furthermore it creates no sonic boom.
The sonic boom occurs because the wings of an Aircraft push the air forward and thus creating a shockwave that at the speed of sound is sliced in two so that it creates two fronts of air that clash together behind the craft,
what we hear as a sonic boom.
And since the AST has no wings it doesn’t create a shockwave or
a sonic boom.
And since Track and Train never touch they don’t create noise.
That makes it an absolute silent Transportation System.


The AST should be build as lightweight as possible.
Carbon Fiber around a metal Skeleton should be the preferred material.
Also we need Ceramics at high Temperature Points like the Scrammed Engine.
Apart of this we need only Seats in the Passenger Cell.
The approach of the AST reduces the Material costs to an absolute minimum.


The concept of the AST is that less is more.
Less in everything but Performance.
Maximum speed, maximum safety, minimum travel time, minimum costs.
Light weight without the need for food or Toilets.
That means that we need only the Passenger seats inside.

One AST should cost less than $ 3 million.
With the MAGLEV Train at $10 million and the Airbus A380 at $ 300 million
That is a 66% savings compared with the MAGLEV Train
And a massive 99% savings compared with the Airbus A380.

Not to mention that the AST is by far the most superior transportation system.
Better performance greater safety and convenience at a fraction of the costs.

An Absolute in Transportation Technology

The capabilities of the AST cannot be outdone by any other
existing and planned Transportation Technology.
Because it is not limited by weight or speed restrictions.
It gives us the fastest possible connection between two points.
The AST can continuously accelerate between two points
inside an atmospheric environment.
Speed relates directly to the distance we Travel.
It is low maintenance easy to to integrate.
It offers safety levels previously unheard of.
It is a silent Transportation System for every City, every Town,
every Country and every Continent.
It offers infrastructure of great previously unheard capabilities.
It is cheaper than any other Technology.
It is safer than any other Technology.
And it is environmentally fully integrated a first of a new Wave of
Technologies that are much needed and overdue.
It withstands any criticism and compared with any other technology
It will come out on Top by a very long gap in between.
The AST will cut Travel time to a maximum of 1h.
That is City Center to City Center.
The AST is a true absolute in Transportation technology that presents a new dimension of Travel and Transportation.
Its capabilities mark it as the only Future Transportation System necessary.

It spells the end for Aviation.
This means that every Airport in the World can be transformed into living space.
We can build new ecological Integrated Cities with space for everyone.
We can connect every City every Country and every Continent
With a truly integrated Transportation System
That produces Water as the only exhaust.



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