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Principles are the Foundation of Live


 "Life depends on Life.
Life builds upon Life.
Life lives with Life.
Life Loves Life.
Without Life,
Life is not possible."



Principles are the Foundation of Live.
And as such fro everything there must be Principles that are the Building Block of everything.

Principles are the Foundation, the Ground on which everything is based.
The same applies to our Technology it is based on physical principles, on environmental principles, on ethical principles and on humanitarian principles.

Environmental Principles

The Principle on which the Air Stream Train is constructed is that of absolute environmental Integration. That starts with the Fuel that we use. By using Hydrogen as a Fuel we have Water as the only exhaust. That way by using the Air Stream Train we will never create Pollution and give the chance for our Planet to regenerate. All Animals and People share the same Air and Water. 

Ethical Principles

All Animals and People share the same Air and Water.
As such no matter what color of our Skin Language or Religion we all share this foundations of Life no matter where we live no matter what we do.
As such what we believe is immaterial and does not matter.
We define our self with our work and our actions.
As such one that acts on believe shall never rule above other people.

Humanitarian Principles

With The Air Stream Train we can provide Infrastructure to the most distant places in the World.
We can regrow the Deserts and turn them into fruitful Land again.
We can grow all food organically and transport it the same day to anywhere on this Planet.
We can supply electricity, Internet, Telephone and Water through the Track to everywhere.
As such we can supply Education to the most depraved places in the world.
No Child shall grow up without proper education.
No Child shall ever starve again on this Planet.
This "Elitist" thinking that has brought our Planet on the brinks of ruin must stop immediately.
All live shall be Free.
And with the Air Stream Train we have a System of Infrastructure that is easily upgradable and sustainable for the next millennium.

Physical Principles

The physical principles of the Air stream Train are very simple.
In fact only one Principle it is that we use.

Newton"s 3rd Law of Physics.




 So the Physical Principles for the Air Stream Train are very simple.

For every force in one direction we create the same force in the opposite Direction.
We then collect and use this Force according to our needs.
So when we are going forward we move against the friction of the Air.
We then use this friction to give us lift i.e. to lift up the Air Stream Train.
So far that is how an Airplane works, nothing new.
With the difference that an Airplane wastes the forces it creates.
Furthermore it pushes the Air in front of the Wings which stop an Airplane actually from accelerating.
That means that by reaching the point of trans sonic speeds (Mach1) the Airplane has created a wall of Air that it can not be penetrated by the Airplane no matter how big the Engine is.
The finding of this phenomenon lead directly to the design of the Delta wings in the 1950's.
The American's found out that by moving through trans sonic speed they create a shock wave.
And one can only compensate for this shock-wave in the design of the Aircraft.
That is why the only two supersonic passenger AIrplanes in the world, the Concorde and the Tupolev TU-144 are looking exactly alike. 


Here we have both the Tupolev Tu-144 and the Concorde side by side.
They are nearly Identical in the outside Design.
That is because the physical probabilities that exist inside a supersonic environment
dictate the Design of both Air-crafts.

Sonic Boom

The phenomenon of the Sonic boom occurs only because when the Airplane goes through that Barrier of Sound Shock-Wave it slices it into two walls of Air that after the Airplane has gone through clash together and make that specific sound, what we know  as the Sonic Boom.
It is directly related to the Wings of the Aircraft.
As you see the Shock-wave is round and the Wings cut like a knife through it.

Now the Air Stream Train has no Wings.
The Air Stream Train is shaped like an Arrow..
That also means that when the Air Stream Train goes past trans-sonic speeds
it does not slice the shock wave in two, it goes through it like an arrow
or a rocket for that matter.
And that effectively means that the Air Stream Train creates no Sonic Boom.

It also means as a matter of fact that it has no (theoretical) limitations of Speed.
The Wings of any Aircraft actually stop it from going forward at some stage.
Simply because the higher the Speed the greater the force that builds up in front of the Wings.
And that force eventually becomes so big that it is impossible to break through for an Aircraft.

The Air Stream Train has no Wings and as such does not create any such negative forces.
It has the physical probabilities of that of a Needle an Arrow or a Rocket for that matter.

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