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Phenomenon & Phenomena


"Inside a burning House we sit
and wave to the People outside,
thinking how friendly they are waving at us,
not knowing that our House is on Fire,
and that those friendly people trying to warn us.
For some Ignorance is Bliss."


The study of Phenomena could advance Humanity in serious steps.
Phenomena are occurring on a Daily basis.
Yet blinded by religious bigotry national ignorance and arrogance these are ignored.
Or else the religious fascist Leadership mark these as "Wonders" and misuse them
as a verification for blind religious thought that manifests their fascist Leadership.
Make no mistake here, Religion is Fascism to the very basic foundation.
Religion is an outside Force that allows not to be questioned
where as true believe comes from questioning everything and comes from one's inside.
Organized Religion creates one Leader and all the rest have to follow.
In our Dictionary that is fascism in it's deepest roots.

This thinking is outdated, wrong and downright Evil.
Evil in the way that it is opposite and against Live.
How can we prove this?
We start with one of the greatest Phenomena that are unexplored because of this.

Water is Energy

Water is the most amazing Substance that exists, without it we would not exist,
without it organic Life  it is impossible.
Yet Water is the most misunderstood of all substances.
So what is Water?
Water = H2O, it is made out of two gases H2 and O2, Hydrogen and Oxygen.
The building Block of Water is Gas, two gases that combine into a substance
Water by Oxidization.
This two Gases form a Liquid between 0 and 100 Celsius.
Below that Temperature, Water is Solid, it manifests as Ice.
Above that it is a Gas, what we know as Steam.
And above that Water is Energy.
So we have four different manifestations of Water that are:
Solid, Liquid, Gas and Energy.

Water is a Fuel

Water actually can burn.
As we stated before Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen
two very potent gases that burn together into water.
So how do we burn Water?
First we can not directly burn Water.
But we can burn the Oxygen out of Water leaving the Hydrogen,
this process is called the Reduction of Water.
Then we burn the Hydrogen back with Oxygen into Water,
this process is called Oxidization.
The Whole process is called Re-Dox reduction/oxidization process.
To be able to do this we need very High Temperatures.
Actually every Fire man knows that you can not put out electrical Fires with Water
because of the fact that Water fuels those Fires.
It is written down on nearly every fire extinguisher.
The best way to burn water is with Magnesium.
Magnesium is a Metal that burns at very high Temperatures
splitting the water and burning it back.
The only thing left is Magnesium Oxide which is a Salt can can be diluted with water.
The scientific formula is the following.


2H2O + 2MG = 2H2 +2MGO ==>Reduction

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O ==> Oxidization


You can watch Water burning with this little Film.


The real question is: If we know this, why are we still forced to use Oil?

Water is Live and Water is the solution for all energy and environmental problems.


The Ground Effect

The Ground effect is another Phenomena that is very well known but not explored.
It is the effect that occurs when the Air is compressed by the wings of an Aircraft
as it attempts landing.
Due to this Ground Effect the Aircraft is pushed back up again.
This is why the Aircraft's have this bouncing effect slowing down
and accelerating again before landing.
The Helicopter uses the same Ground Effect.
Because of this Ground Effect the Helicopter's rotary blades go into what the call
"Auto Rotation" when the engine suddenly stops or fails.
Due to this Phenomenon you will not often see a Helicopter crash.





Ground Effect as used in the Air Stream Train

There are many attempts to use this Ground Effect for Transportation.
And actually the Air Stream Train uses it to an absolute.
We actually create a Ground Effect temporarily under the Air Stream Train
instead of using just a cushion of Air.
A cushion of Air would have to be moved and therefore would give us resistance.
By using the Ground Effect we use a rolling motion, like moving onto a Ball of Air.
This rolling motion gives us the advantage of the lowest possible resistance
by at the same time like the Ground Effect  that keeps up the Aircraft
holding up the Air Stream Train and ensures the safety of the passengers.
One can say that the Ground Effect as used by the Air Stream Train
is actually a Wheel made out of Air.
A Wheel of Air on which the Air Stream Train moves, safe and very Fast.


Gravity and Anti Gravity

We want to Include this in the Phenomena Section just to take the Blinds of peoples eyes.
To reduce the Noise Levels that cloud and pollute peoples minds and mans way of thinking.
Some people say that Anti Gravity does not exist.
Yet Newton's third Law clearly states that every force into one direction
creates an equal and opposite force, an equal force into the opposite direction.
So there is all the proof we need.
After Newton's 3rd Law of Physic's there is an equal and opposite Force to Gravity.
And this Force equal and opposite to Gravity is what most people refer to as Anti Gravity.
All we need to do is find a way to harvest this Force which shall not be so difficult.
Actually Gravity is the opposite Force to "Anti" Gravity or as we refer to, the Force of Live.
And this Force of Life is a magnetic Force, the reason man walks and Trees wear their Crowns.

The Chinese People actually know this Force and refer of it as Chi.
Chi is the Life giving energy that surrounds us.

Chi is an Anti Gravitational Force

Chi is the essence of Life, it is the Life giving energy that surrounds us all.
It is the Basis on which everything is build upon.
Without Chi nothing could exist.
It is inside everything and everywhere.
It is Di-magnetic, Di-electric, Omnidirectional and Omnipresent.
It is in fact a nervous sexual energy the building block of Life.
When Scientists speak of the Ether they mean Chi.
When religious people speak of "God" they mean Chi.
Freud called it "Libido" and based his Theories upon it.
But there was actually one Scientist that proved the existence of this energy,
the existence of Chi the live giving energy.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957) was an Austrian-American scientist, known as one of the most radical figures in the history of psychiatry.
He was the author of several notable textbooks, including The Mass Psychology of Fascism
and Character Analysis, both published in 1933.
Reich worked with Sigmund Freud in the 1920s and was a respected analyst for much of his life, focusing on character structure rather than on individual symptoms.

Now Wilhelm Reich took Freud's theory of the Libido further.
He recognized that we all are "batteries" of a sexual energy that charges us
and if not discharged regularly creates discomfort and even Illness.
He then went on to prove the existence of this Energy.
He found it and when he found it he called it "Orgon".
But even he did not realize what he really has found.

Orgon is Chi, the Life giving Energy that surrounds us all.

Wilhelm Reich went further in proving the existence of this Energy.
He found ways to harvest it and to use it.
He build machines that work with this energy.
He found ways to utilize and in-cooperate it into everyday Life.
He even build a machine with which he could modify the Weather.
If anyone ever remembers a song by Kate Bush called "Cloud-Busting",
this song is actually a homage to Wilhelm Reich and it is the true Story of him
when he created Rain while there was a drought and as such saved the Harvest
at this Point of Time.
Based on his research we could and can build new machines for the 21st Century.
Machines that work independently with the simple use of Chi energy.
Wherever we want, whenever we want, free of charge.


The Speed of Light (Theoretical Light Speed)

Albert Einstein which we do not recognize as a valuable Scientist has really done nothing in his Life.
He was not a Scientist in our opinion, he was merely an Occultist.
His "Theory of Relativity" has been published before
and is nothing more then the ramble of a mad man.
It is a falsification of the Truth.
The simple Truth is that very object or body for that matter is relative to itself and relative from the point of view, the perception of things.
There is no universal relativity and as such there can not be a law of relativity.
Every Object has it's own purpose and it's own perception of things.
Just like we have our own perception of things for we are all subjects and objects
at the same time.
Everything is only by definition, by perception it is different for every different Object.
Colors for example are only by definition,
but every one of us perceives the color slightly different.
And for every one of us colors have a different meaning, a different feeling.
One that we adjust through our liking and disliking.
One can say that the perception of color is relative to our liking of it.
And there is an infinite number of relations that differ from Object to Object.
As such there can be no universal Law of Relativity.

Now to another one of Einsteins mad rambles.
He says that we can not achieve to go over the speed of light.
And he"proves" this with theories, that are only theories after all.

So what is the speed of light actually?
In the first instance it is speed.
How do we achieve speed?
We achieve speed with propulsion, simple as it sounds, simple as it is.
So if we actually wanted to achieve the Speed of light, what would we need?
How would we go on to achieve this?

We would need the following:

1st Distance: Speed is only achievable if we have the distance to travel.

2nd Propulsion: An engine that can continuously accelerate without Limitations

3rd Energy: A Source of Energy that can sustain the Energy Levels needed.


Theoretical Infinite Speed


If we take those three Distance, Propulsion and Energy and closely look at those
then we can draw the following conclusion.

Distance is given in Space.
Furthermore, Space is cold and there is no mass in space.
That eradicates the problems of overheating and that of friction.
So only in space we have the distance to achieve the highest possible speeds.

To achieve the highest possible speeds we need a Propulsion  System that can
continuously accelerate between any given Point, namely A and B.

If we have a Propulsion System capable of this, all we need now is the Energy
to sustain the continuous acceleration process.
And the speed of Light becomes merely a point on the Line of acceleration
between point A and point B if the distance between A and B is sufficient
and the energy is sufficient to sustain the continuous acceleration process.

This brings us to the Point of theoretical Infinite  Speed.

If we can continuously accelerate then the following conclusion must be considered.


If we have an infinite Distance to travel.
And if we have an infinite source of Energy at our disposal
to sustain a continuous Acceleration.
Then we can achieve infinite Speed.


Continuous Linear Acceleration Explained

The Air Stream Train is thee only Vehicle in the world that offers the possibilities to continuously accelerate inside an Oxygen based environment between two points A and B.
That means the speed we can achieve is directly depending on the distance we travel.
To make it simple we use the four strokes of a normal combustion engine that are intake, compression, expansion and exhaust.
But instead of trying to contain it we shaped the Air Stream Train so that by moving forward
we create an equal and opposite force that we then use to execute the four strokes of a normal combustion engine permanently.
To do so we need an operating Scram  Jet engine, Linear Scram Jet Engine in our case..
The Linear Scram Jet engine is exclusively a part of the Air Stream Train.
That means we have to accelerate to a speed of Mach 1.5 with the secondary Turbine engine.
Only then and after the Scram Jet is operational we can continuously accelerate.


The Cycle of continuous linear Acceleration based on forward Motion

By Moving Forward we create an equal and opposite force that we collect and change into pressure by compression at a physical Rate. 


By increasing the compression rate of Air, we not only increase the pressure in the
Pressure Chamber and thus have a more stable Journey with the Air Stream Train,
we also increase the Volume Rate of Oxygen in the Air.
The faster we go thew more stable the journey and the higher the rate of Oxygen.


Now when the rate of Oxygen increases so does the possible amount of Fuel that we can burn, i.e. the possible energy output increases linear to the increased rate of Oxygen.


And when the possible energy output increases, that is directly converted into thrust.
The Increase of energy output increases the speed of the Air Stream Train linear.
Or else the Increase of speed is linear to the increase of energy output .


Please keep in mind that we are talking about possibilities here.
Possibilities that are possible.
For we are 21st Century People.

For a 21st Century way of thinking.

And a 21st Century Way of Life.





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