Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation

Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation Rail Transportation for the Future Today

Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation


"One World that's all we have"




"We have no choice anymore, we all have to be Activists"

Floyd "Red Crow"  Westerman




Executive Summary



The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research says we need to cut CO2 emissions by  90% by 2050 – better by 2030.

They believe this can be done, provided that a program of work is started within the next four years.


A high speed rail network has the potential to generate a massive £44 Billion of benefits as well as revenues totaling a further £27 Billion.

It would directly deliver thousands of jobs constructing and operating new lines.


The Airstream Train can deliver both of this and more.

The beneficial side would be greatly enhanced by providing Infrastructure in addition to the Transportation.

This feature is unique to the Airstream Train System and can not be matched with any other Technology.

A high speed rail network using the Airstream Train System has the potential to generate a massive £66 Billion of benefits a 50 % increase over other Solutions.

It would create more jobs then other Solutions and increase capacity in the IT sector by providing a much faster Internet then currently available with a housing solution that is flexible and easily upgradable.


Revenues would also increase since the Airstream Train is cheaper to acquire the Track is cheaper to be build and maintenance is simple and cost effective.

This means that we can offer cheaper fares for the end customer by providing a better System and travel experience all around when at the same time we increase the profit margin.

A 50% increase of revenues totaling £27 Billion would be £40.5 Billion .


The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research says we need to cut CO2 emissions by  90% and with the Airstream Train System we can.

No other solution is capable of Zero Emissions.

No other solutions can match what the Airstream Train System can achieve.


This is a complete System of Transportation that caters for the needs of a new generation providing everything that is needed without harming the environment. 


What is the Airstream Train? 


The Air Stream Train is a new intelligent solution for Transportation.

Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of motion states clearly that any force into one direction creates an equal and opposite force in the opposite direction.

So by moving forward we create a force that we then use to levitate the Airstream Train and the faster we go forward the bigger this force is that we create.

The AST is an open self regulating System that  creates two opposing forces and uses them combined without  the need of regulatory equipment.  

The AST uses forward motion only so that the air is  pushed under the passenger cell to create lift, the same principle as for the Airplane applies, i.e. lift off.

The Air is then compressed and pushed through a system of channels into the space between Track and  Train at high pressure.                                         

The faster the  Airstream Train accelerates the higher is the pressure she creates.

The air is pushed around the Track and out from top to bottom so that we create a stream of high pressured air on which she rides and that ensures the stability of the Airstream Train at any given speed.

And as the pressure increases as the speed increases to make the journey safer and more stable. It has no moving parts and no wheels.

A journey with the AST can be compared with a straight Rollercoaster ride.

The Airstream Train combines existing Transportation Technology into one unique and capable System.

It is designed to consolidate all existing Transportation into one smooth System.


Absolute Environmental Integration

The Air Stream Train is designed for absolute environmental Integration.

It can be integrated into any environment without disturbing it.

No trees and no buildings need to be demolished and no Tunnels or Bridges need to be build and current Infrastructure can be used and easily integrated.

This is due to the speed and design of the complete System.


Research and Development 

The principle Idea of using Aviation Technology on a Rail Track has been around since Aviation began and there have been multiple products that have been tried and tested.

All these different projects have shown the capabilities and also the failures and limitations of each of those projects.

Some of those were due to the technical limitations of that time.

Needless to say that things have changed dramatically in the past 20 years and our capabilities improved accordingly.

We took that in account and as a result are able to use raw research Data in the estimated volume of $500.000.000.

The Data can be verified  and examined using the following links.


The Aerowagon

Franz Kruckenberg's Schienenzeppelin 

Jean Bertin's Aerotrain

Ground Effect Train

Hover Craft Train

Turbo Jet Train


Maglev Train


All the Data speaks for itself as does the fact that the only Magnetic Levitation Train in use is the Shanghai Rail link to the Airport of Shanghai.

Needless to say that a full Test Facility in Germany for Magnetic Levitation exists since 30 Years in Emsland in Germany. 

Would Magnetic Levitation in any case be a "Solution" it would have been much more widely in use and accepted.

But the fact that this is not the case proves just that Magnetic Levitation is a dead born child and can not compare with our Technology. 

Download the Airstream Train Technical Description.


 Contact Details are on the Investor Page.



We define our self through our actions and not through our words.
Our work is not about business,it is necessary but that is secondary.
Good business is a good work that creates instead of destroying.
Through this Invention every human being will benefit, no matter what color or Nationality.
This Invention will bring peace and prosperity infrastructure and as such education to the poorest regions of this world.
This Air Stream Train is the future of Transportation and marks the end of Aviation.
Every City every country and every continent can now be easily reached within 45 min travel time.
There can never be a better way of transporting people.
This is absolute. 


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