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Evolution of  the Air Stream Train


"If one wants to achieve Greatness,
one must never forget the simplicity of Life."


Simplicity is the Key if you want to achieve your Goals.
The Air Stream Train is based on simple Ideas.

The First one was to create an Absolute System of Mass Transportation.
The second one that came out of it was to put a Hovercraft on a Train Track.


The Hovercraft uses a simple principle.
It creates a cushion of Air on which it floats.
That also means that it doesn't matter of what the Ground has to be made of.
It can float over Sand, Concrete and Water Ice and Fire.
And even thought the Water could not sustain the Heavy Hovercraft,
thanks to the cushion of Air it can.
This is a very useful phenomenon on which we founded the basic principle of the Air Stream Train, that of creating a stable Air cushion that we use.
It reduces the friction to "0".


One can compare this Principle easily with that of the Air Stream Train.
By comparing these two Pictures above and below.
As above so below the Air is forced underneath to build up Pressure
on which both Craft's work.

At this stage we want to pay homage to Jean Bertin who like us had similar Ideas and in-cooperated them into his "Aero Train" in the late 60's earl 70's.
His work proves the principles working and actually saves us a lot of money that we do not need to Invest into our Technology.
His "Aero Train" was in 1972 by far more advanced then any
Magnetic Levitation Trains ever can be.

Below you see a Prototype of his first "Aero Train".


But we took his and our Idea much much further and his faults are plain to see.
He did not use the Air Stream, he used the Hovercraft method only.
So what he really created was a "Hovercraft Train".
However as soon as you look you see the important difference of Hovercraft and AST.
Everything on the Air Stream Train is round so that the Air can flow uninterrupted.
That is necessary when we want to achieve the highest possible Speeds,
we have to create an uninterrupted flow of Air.
The Hovercraft simply creates a cushion of Air that has to be maintained consistently.
The Air Stream Train however uses forward motion only.
By going forward it collects the Air in the Air collection Chamber
and pushes it through a Grid of openings.
The Air is then compressed into a secondary Chamber, the Pressure Chamber.

This is a physical compression of about 9:1 .
And if we look closely into that matter one will see that the principle of the Air Stream Train mirrors that one of an existing engine namely the Scram Jet Engine.
The Sonic Combustion Ram Jet Engine as it is widely known actually
was an Inspiration by designing the Air Stream Train.
But what we In-cooperated in the Air Stream Train is a new method of Scram-Jet Technology,
the Linear Scram Jet Technology.


The Ground Effect

The Ground effect is the effect that occurs when the Air is compressed by
the wings of an Aircraft as it attempts landing.
Due to this Ground Effect the Aircraft is pushed back up again.
This is why the Aircraft's have this bouncing effect slowing down
and accelerating again before landing.
The Helicopter uses the same Ground Effect.
Because of this Ground Effect the Helicopter's rotary blades go into what the call
"Auto Rotation" when the engine suddenly stops or fails.
Due to this Phenomenon you will not often see a Helicopter crash.






Ground Effect as used in the Air Stream Train

There are many attempts to use this Ground Effect for Transportation.
And actually the Air Stream Train uses it to an absolute.
We actually create a Ground Effect temporarily under the Air Stream Train
instead of using just a cushion of Air.
A cushion of Air would have to be moved and therefore would give us resistance.
By using the Ground Effect we use a rolling motion, like moving onto a Ball of Air.
This rolling motion gives us the advantage of the lowest possible resistance
by at the same time like the Ground Effect  that keeps up the Aircraft
holding up the Air Stream Train and ensures the safety of the passengers.
One can say that the Ground Effect as used by the Air Stream Train
is actually a Wheel made out of Air.
A Wheel of Air on which the Air Stream Train moves, safe and very Fast.


Linear Scram-Jet Technology

The Fact that we have two chambers instead of one that compress the Air by Volume in that case by a Volume of around 9:1 sets this Technology apart from a normal Scram-Jet engine.
Ad to this the Sonic compression rate that occurs when we go over the speed of Sound.

Mach1 =1:1; Mach2 = 2:1; Mach3= 3:1; Mach4 = 4:; and so on.

Together with the compression rate by Volume of 9:1 multiplied with the speed of Sound,
We have for the Linear Scram Jet engine the following compression Rates:

Mach1 = 9:1; Mach2 = 18:1; Mach3 = 27:1; Mach4 = 36:1; Mach5 = 45:1; and so on.




Continuous Linear Acceleration Explained

The Air Stream Train is thee only Vehicle in the world that offers the possibilities to continuously accelerate inside an Oxygen based environment between two points A and B.
That means the speed we can achieve is directly depending on the distance we travel.
To make it simple we use the four strokes of a normal combustion engine that are intake, compression, expansion and exhaust.
But instead of trying to contain it we shaped the Air Stream Train so that by moving forward
we create an equal and opposite force that we then use to execute the four strokes of a normal combustion engine permanently.
To do so we need an operating Scram  Jet engine, Linear Scram Jet Engine in our case..
The Linear Scram Jet engine is exclusively a part of the Air Stream Train.
That means we have to accelerate to a speed of Mach 1.5 with the secondary Turbine engine.
Only then and after the Scram Jet is operational we can continuously accelerate.



The Cycle of continuous linear Acceleration based on forward Motion

By Moving Forward we create an equal and opposite force that we collect and change into pressure by compression at a physical Rate. 


By increasing the compression rate of Air, we not only increase the pressure in the
Pressure Chamber and thus have a more stable Journey with the Air Stream Train,
we also increase the Volume Rate of Oxygen in the Air.
The faster we go thew more stable the journey and the higher the rate of Oxygen.


Now when the rate of Oxygen increases so does the possible amount of Fuel that we can burn, i.e. the possible energy output increases linear to the increased rate of Oxygen.


And when the possible energy output increases, that is directly converted into thrust.
The Increase of energy output increases the speed of the Air Stream Train linear.
Or else the Increase of speed is linear to the increase of energy output .


Please keep in mind that we are talking about possibilities here.
In a normal working Environment and Situation there are other factors to be concerned with and to be taken into calculation.
But speaking of possibilities here this is a new Dimension in Human Evolution.
And nobody can deny the scientific faultlessness of this Technology.
The possibilities of the Air Stream Train are beyond the capabilities of every so called
"Scientist" in the World.
To fully understand the Possibilities of the Air Stream Train, one has to shed himself from the outdated models of thinking and accept the new way of thinking.
A way of thinking that has no Limitations.
A way of thinking that combines artistic merit with creative enthusiasm and a scientific work ethic.
A 21st Century Way of thinking.
For a 21st Century way of live.
Environmentally fully Integrated and peaceful as one People living in one World.
For we are 21st Century People.
We are now.
We are the Future. 


For we are 21st Century People.

For a 21st Century way of thinking.

And a 21st Century Way of Life.

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