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All we ever need is Water as a Source of Energy.

Hydrogen and Oxygen is Water!

Water is the greatest Source of Energy so why don't we use it?


Water is the most amazing Substance that exists,
without it we would not exist, without it organic Life  it is impossible.
Yet Water is the most misunderstood of all substances.
So what is Water?
Water = H2O, it is made out of two gases H2 and O2, Hydrogen and Oxygen.


Hydrogen and Oxygen is Water!


So the building Block of Water is Gas,
two gases that combine into a substance Water by Oxidization.
This two Gases form a Liquid between 0 and 100 Degree Celsius.
Below that Temperature, Water is Solid, it manifests as Ice.
Above that it is a Gas, what we know as Steam.
And above that Water is Energy.

So we have four different manifestations of Water that are:
Solid, Liquid, Gas and Energy.


 The four Manifestations of Water are:






What is more is that Water is at +4C at its heaviest and at -4C at its lightest.
This phenomenon ensures that Ice builds on Top of a lake
and thus protecting the Life beneath it

That is why Ice swims on the Water, below -4C ice gets heavier and above +4C water gets lighter.

But there is so much more about this amazing substance.

Water is a Di-magnetic Di-electric.

What does that mean?
In simple Terms Water can be positive and negative at the same time
in electric and magnetic Terms.
It can attract and repel at the same time as it can be positively charged
and negatively charged.
That translates directly into our self where we can love i.e. attract or hate i.e. reject.
We are made of 80% of Water so all physical properties of Water apply to us.
We can be positive and Negative at the same Time.

So does Water have a consciousness? It sure does!

It stores energy in great amount and it is the beacon of Live that attracts the live giving Energy also known as Chi.

Wilhelm Reich found the scientific proof of this Energy, not realizing what he really found
he called it "Orgone" which is essentially Chi a nervous sexual energy
that is everything at the same time and is Omni directional and manifests in everything.
The Blue color of this Energy is actually what we see in the Blue Skies,
the Blue Sea, It is Chi because Water has no color.


Viktor Schauberger has Studied the Nature of Water very intensively and he concluded that there is living Water and Dead Water, Water with energy (Chi) or without energy,
alive and dead.
This is a Video worth watching.


Then there is the last point I like to make.
Water can actually burn!

Water can Burn! 

As we know, Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen
two very potent gases that burn together into water.

So how do we burn Water?

First we can not directly burn Water.

But we can burn the Oxygen out of Water leaving the Hydrogen, this process is called a Reduction of Water.

Then we burn the Hydrogen back with Oxygen into Water, this process is called Oxidization.

The Whole process is called Re-Dox reduction/oxidization process.

To be able to do this we need very High Temperatures.

Actually every Fire man knows that you can not put out electrical Fires with Water because of that.

It is written down on nearly every fire extinguisher.

The best way to burn water is with Magnesium.

Magnesium is a Metal that burns at very high Temperature splitting the water and burning it back.

The only thing left is Magnesium Oxide which is a Salt can can be diluted with water.

The scientific formula is this.


2H2O + 2MG = 2H2 +2MGO ==>Reduction

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O ==> Oxidization


And both are Energy releasing processes.
So if we can burn Water and if we can capture the Energy that is released,
Then why do we not use it?


Why do we not use Water as a Source of Energy?


This Question remains to our so called "Leaders" that have no right to lead us.

This Question remains to our so called "Elite" that have no right to call themselves "Elite"
when they Ignore the fundamentals of Life.

All we are "allowed" is to poison ourselves when all we need to do is use Water.

Remember when Religion taught us that the Earth was Flat?

Religion is Poison of our mind.


Water is clear.

Water is Life.

Water is soft.

Water is strong.

Be like Water my Friend.

For you are Water.


You can watch Water burning with this little Film.



Water is Life.


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