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Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation Rail Transportation for the Future Today

Why Zero Emission Transportation?


"Tearing down the Walls that are in our minds,
With the Passion and Love and Truth in our Hearts.
That we receive as a Gift of Nature; as a Gift of Life.
This is what we ow to Life."



The Bottle Neck of Transportation

In today’s world where time means money it is wasted mostly traveling in obsolete ways.
If one only goes to any Airport it is at least one hour to and one hour back gone.
Then one has to go through the Bottleneck of  Security waiting and being herded to the Waiting room waiting for the plane to be ready waiting for it to depart waiting for the air traffic controller to give the signal waiting to start waiting to land.

It’s a waiting game in a world where time is money.

So what if you can save all this money by traveling from center to center as fast or faster then an airplane?
Wouldn’t we all be happier and save a lot of time and effectively money?
That is where the Air Stream Train comes in.
It offers just that, fast clean and safe transportation for a new Generation.
A Generation of Transportation that offers more for less.

So let us compare these Two just for the sake of it.


Airbus A380 compared with the the Air Stream Train



AST     Hypersonic (10x the Speed of Sound)

A380   900km/h

Fuel Emissions

AST     0 (Water is the only exhaust)

A380   11t Kerosene p/h

Passenger Capacity

AST     128 – 256

A380   up to 800

Note: For a journey that takes about five hours with the A380 the equivalent passenger capability for the AST would be 1280 Passengers.

Passenger Storage capacity

AST      Box of 200cm X75cm X20cm no Weight restrictions

A380   25kg


AST     Absolute

A380 Absolute Dreadful


AST     $3 million

A380   $330 million


Path to Innovation 

The Air Stream uses a cushion of Air that is build up by the secondary Turbine engine.
By moving forward we collect the Air into the Air collection Chamber.
When the pressure is higher then that needed to levitate the AST then the grid opens and the Air cushion is changed into a high pressure Air Stream.
From that point onwards all energy of the Turbine can be used to accelerate the AST.
The faster the AST goes the higher the pressure build up and the safer the Journey.
And since the AST holds itself around the Track it can not derail.
Further more, the passenger Cell is so designed that even at the Speed of Mach 10 and a head on collision the passenger cell would detach itself from the Sledge and shoot up into the Sky. Then it would land safely on parachutes and nobody inside the cell would be harmed.
Please take into consideration that the Speed we can achieve is depending on the length and the design of the Track.
A short journey can not achieve full speed.
Also a journey that has many curves build into the design can not achieve a full speed.
The average Speed that can be achieved should be about Mach 5.


Magnetic Levitation compared with the the Air Stream Train



AST                 Hypersonic (10x the Speed of Sound)
MagLev           500km/h

Fuel Emissions

AST                 0 (Water is the only exhaust)
MagLev           Magnetic Radiation Field

Passenger Capacity

AST                128 - 258            
MagLev           Similar

Levitation Technology

AST                Self Levitating High Pressure Air Stream        
MagLev           Electromagnetic Field

Track Distance

AST                8cm            
MagLev           1cm

Passenger Storage capacity

AST               Box of 200cm X75cm X20cm no Weight restrictions

MagLev           Depending on Travel but less


The Safety of both MagLev and AST are similar at this given Point


AST               $3 million    
MagLev          $9million


Environmental Integration

Every Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 burns 11 tons of fuel every hour.
So does every other Plane more or less.
That makes by 1.000 Planes per Day about 1.000.000 Million Tons of CO2 Emissions.
This is Insanity, this is Self Destruction, Global Murder, Suicide and stupid.
And more it is unnecessary.
To Travel by Air is obsolete and must be stopped before it stops us.

Time has come for a new way of transporting People.
And the People of this world deserve better then being treated like Sheep.
Better then to be pushed like Kettle and seated intosmall seats for a very long Time without
being able to stretch up in the Air where all kinds of Accidents are waiting to happen.

And the more overcrowded these Airspace's are the more accident prone they are.
Further more the System of Airtravel is exposed to the Limit, pollutes our Planet with Noise and CO2 and It's workers are overwhelmed and can not cope with the Increasing demand of this World to come together in Peace and Friendship.








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