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EADS vs Airstream Train

Posted by Dietmar Mager on August 20, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Statement of clarification:


The recent surge in visitors to my website following publicity of a concept by EADS necessitates some clarification of terms.

You came to this website in search of Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation, and you have found it: the only

Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation System in the world.

In fact, the term Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation was invented by the owner of this website, who also holds the patent on the technology.

Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation is possible only using the technology described on this website.

EADS has proposed a speed of Mach 4. 

By definition, that speed is not hypersonic but supersonic. 

Hypersonic speeds start from Mach 5.

Furthermore, the concept of a Hypersonic Passenger plane is unworkable.

Supersonic passenger flight, in the form of the Concorde and

Tupolev TU-144, proved to be a failure for sound reasons.


There are three main problems with supersonic and hypersonic Flight.


• The friction and heat on the wings at such speeds are problems

that have not been solved. 

This unsolved problem brought both the Concorde and TU-144 down.

• There is the unsolved problem of navigation at hypersonic speeds.

• The space requirements of the runways necessary for launching and landing such an aircraft are prohibitive.



In contrast:

• The Airstream Train has no wings.

• The Track is the navigational component.

• It runs from city center to city center.



One Airbus A380 buys 100 Airstream Trains.



The Airstream Train is the only Zero Emission Transportation System

in the world.

So why does EADS waste Taxpayers money — and yes it is YOUR money that EADS wastes — on such an unsustainable, overpriced, unreal concept? Because Airbus wants to sell more of their aircraft. 

They have to make it look as though their technology has a sustainable future.  So it is in their interest to claim the invention of what is really not their technology: hypersonic transportation.

In fact NASA and EADS have spent many many hours on my website and copied it so that they can study technology that they don’t understand but would like you to believe they do.



D.W. Major


Zero Emission Transportation Ltd.


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